What we do together

There is no “one size fits all” way to help small businesses deal with “wicked problems.”

Small business owners have many of the challenges of big business without the financial or human depth to create a way forward. You need some “magic.”

I use the business and personal transformation tools that I have honed throughout my career and work with small business owners to find the right way forward — a unique, “elegant” solution that perfectly fits your situation.

I help women find barriers to success – both personal and business – which they must surmount in order not to “become a statistic.” Many times these barriers are unknown, yet most women sense that “something stands in the way” of their success even if they can’t articulate what that “something” is. That is the classic definition of a “wicked problem.” Women will typically articulate such problems with “pain statements” like

  • “I feel that I’m missing something.”
  • “Other people seem to have some secret to their success, which I can’t quite duplicate.”
  • “Things are too difficult; I can’t seem to do everything.”
  • “I go to lots of networking meetings, am being coached and read dozens of success DIY books and articles yet I’m still not making the progress I want.”


To address this wicked problem, my helping process follows a proven set of steps:

  1. Awareness of the existence of a “wicked” problem and how to begin finding an “elegant” solution
  2. Pattern recognition across their business and personal “ecosystem.”
  3. Good decisions about where “the gold” might be in finding fresh ways of meeting their challenges
  4. Experiment and fail intelligently
  5. Measure progress
  6. Motivation and persistence.