Starting your business

In her book, The Diaries of a Corporate Princess, Hacy Tobias tells her own story of starting a home-based business. She tells it honestly and with humour — and every woman thinking about starting a home-based business ought to read Hacy’s book. [Click here to go to her website; her book is available at all good bookstores in Australia.]

Hacy has summarized a few hints for women starting a business. [Click here to download the pdf.]

Hacy relates what it feels like to go from a “J.O.B.” to running your own show completely:

“After making the momentous decision to start your own business, there are a number of things to do, besides the logistically issues such as an ABN or ACN etc. If you have been working in the corporate world, the biggest shock will the complete lack of structure in your day and the absolute accountability. To further explain, your life was managed by the hours you worked. You came and went from work at a certain time. You had meetings. Your manager would give you tasks, projects or assignments with deadlines. Failure to comply or deliver on these, could result in a poor performance review, (read: no pay rise), or a warning, (read: could be terminated if behaviour continued).

When you have your own small business, you have to structure your own day. If you do not deliver, you are the only one to feel the consequences and, oh by the way, that regular monthly salary isn’t coming in anymore, so you need to be able to generate cash, every month to stay afloat.”