Get others to do some of your work

“You are not a manager if you do not delegate responsibility, just as you are not a pianist if you do not play a piano… If you insist on keeping your hand in the details all the time, you’ll discourage your subordinates by competing with them. The capable ones will leave you; the weak ones will sit back and let you do all the work.”

Lynne Wenig, The A to Z of Time Management, Allen & Unwin, St Leonards, NSW, 1993.

The symptoms of poor delegators :

  • Need to know all the details
  • ‘I can do it better myself’ illusion
  • Lack of experience in delegating
  • Insecurity
  • Poor planning
  • Lack of objectives
  • Slow decision-making
  • Too large a span of control
  • Believe delegating is a sign of weakness
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Constant pressure and confusion
  • It doesn’t occur to you
  • ‘My boss won’t …

How to delegate (from Rice University) [Click here to see the entire article]

Here are suggestions on how to delegate. Give a clear description of the task. This includes:

  • what you want done (requirements)
  • when you want it done (deadline)
  • assignment parameters (scope of authority)
  • why you want it done (purpose and how it fits into overall goals or objectives)
  • available tools and resources
  • possible challenges or obstacles to consider