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Relationship-based learning

Relationship-based learning

Learning almost always requires conversation. We may vaguely know something, or even think we have mastered some field of knowledge but my experience is we always learn when we discuss our insights or knowledge with another person. Especially someone we trust who knows something about us and our business.

You can learn by yourself – by studying books, practicing a musical instrument, etc. That works when the knowledge is well-known or the skill has proven techniques. However, when what you need to learn is not so well-known, or the skill isn’t so well-structured, then you are in a more difficult situation. How do you make that kind of learning easier?

The human brain is a wonderful learning “machine” and continuously sees patterns and creates intuitions as we experience life or run a business. The trick is to change this “implicit” knowledge into “explicit” knowledge. Explicit knowledge is much more useful because it can be communicated and taught to others – and others can help us validate and expand this knowledge. Conversation is the fundamental human tool that we use to convert implicit to explicit knowledge.

When a client shares how they experience their business and life, they are sharing not only what they read or been taught but their own implicit knowledge as well. My role is to help them surface this knowledge, examine whether it is serving them well, and identify whether they need to do some additional learning in order to be more successful.