“What gets measured gets managed.”

“What gets measured gets managed.”

It’s no use having a brilliant idea if you don’t implement it and measure its effects on your business. In fact, having too many ideas that seem wonderful but don’t actually produce results is a very common source of failure.

It’s important to “diverge” in solving wicked problems — look at every aspect of your business, including your own personal capabilities and attitudes. This ensures that nothing is missed in the search for patterns causing your difficulties. But then you must “converge” — plan specific changes that can begin to make your business and personal life easier and more successful.

The old adage says, “What gets measured gets managed.” If you are to actually make progress in resolving a wicked problem and implementing the right elegant solution, you must establish how things will be better in the future AND how you will know that they are actually getting better. In other words you must create a simple dashboard of measurements that will allow you to “steer” your business and your life.

These measures ought to be easy to collect and simple to understand. For example, if you want to lose weight, you track daily food intake and get on a scale to watch the changes that ensue. Improving a business is no different. If, for example, you have an Internet website selling products, measuring various aspects of viewer behaviour would help you gauge whether your new marketing approach was working or not.

It is not enough to have brilliant ideas or even elegant solutions — your business and you must change. A critical success factor is to measure your progress to ensure these changes are actually working to resolve your wicked problem and become more successful.