“I’m already doing everything I know to succeed.”

What else can I do? Many women have gotten lots of advice, read a lot of “how to” books and even had a mentor or business coach. Yet they intuitively know “something still isn’t working.” Based on a fresh view of their Entrepreneurial Ecosystem™ I stimulate new insights about their business and themself.

Insights arise best when you have prepared yourself to be creative. Everyone has experienced not being able to solve some problem and “sleeping on it” – only to have the solution emerge when you weren’t even thinking about it. You prepared your mind to be creative by exposing it to lots of relevant data and then clarifying the question or problem that needs solving.

In my process of solving “wicked problems” I help my clients prepare by exposing them to lots of relevant data. Without going into any detail, a few of the techniques I use are:

Once my clients have begun to process this fresh information, I help them find new insights into their business and themselves – which then form the basis for “elegant solutions.”