“Am I missing something that will help my business grow?”

What is it?  Too often, women just add more and more items to their packed “to do” lists. Elegant solutions transform your lists and reveal better ways to apply your energy and achieve your goals and dreams. Elegant solutions fit you perfectly, are exactly right for your unique situation and challenges.

Elegant solutions originate in a deep understanding of the “ecosystem” of your business. Why do I use the metaphor of ecosystem to describe a business?

  • An ecosystem is a living system. All the elements of such a living system work together to sustain its health.
  • An ecosystem is a “self-organising” system, one which learns to adjust itself as its environment changes.
  • An ecosystem is a complex system, with many interacting elements that must be understood if one is to effectively ‘manage’ such a system

By using this metaphor to develop my tools and approaches, I have gotten away from the simplistic approaches recommended in so many DIY books: The 10 secrets of success, etc. These are certainly a starting point but, as every women entrepreneur knows, things just “ain’t that simple.”

My approach to elegant solutions that really “fit” your business uses this way of looking at things to make difficult things easy. We all know the feeling of being in the “groove” or in the “zone” when things are going well. I help you find elegant solutions to the challenges you face have those feelings more often