“Is there a way to make my success easier?”

How can I find this? Ultimately, after finding new insights and designing a solution, success is about producing results consistently. If you can measure whether your changes are working, and manage anything that is still off-track, you become confident that you are on the right path toward success.

What makes success “easier”? The answer is having an insight, an elegant solution, and the commitment to make the required changes — in the business and yourself. The insight is the foundation for building something new – and the elegant solution is the actual “thing” that is designed and implemented to resolve the “wicked problem. The “thing” that is designed is almost always complex and not simple, combining a number of different components:

  • Processes
  • Systems
  • People resources and skills
  • Third parties
  • Personal changes
  • Etc.

Designing an elegant solution and the required changes that can be implemented by a small business owner is challenging (and is my speciality) – but the investment is worth it because the solution shifts everything in the business and the owner’s life. I know I have found the right solution because the business owner has an “Ah ha!” moment, and is motivated and committed to make the required changes. That intense focus on change, and the desire to do whatever it takes, is the ultimate secret of success.